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How to Plan the Ultimate Guys Night

Whether it's a bachelor party, a birthday celebration, or just a group of guys hitting the town for some fun, there are plenty of options for activities to do on a night out. The key to planning a successful guy's night is all in the details. Any group can have a great time if they keep these few pointers in mind when making their plans:

Start strong - Guys will have a great night if they start things off with a bang and do something fun together right off the bat. Pick something that everyone will enjoy to start the evening off on the right foot. Think burgers and beer at a cool restaurant, hitting a bucket of balls at the driving range, or anything else that will engage the group, break the ice, and get everyone into a relaxed mood and ready for the rest of the night's action.

Don't over plan - While it's important to have some structure in the night so the group isn't just drifting around, it's also key that the organizers don't try to schedule every second of the night. Ideally, there should be a couple of core activities with lots of unstructured time around each one for relaxing, having fun, or engaging in any impromptu fun that might arise. A plan that's too rigid won't allow guys in the group to do anything besides their assigned activity and that can make the evening feel forced.

Pick a fun locale - A good setting is key when planning a great guys night out. A Bay area casino is a great place to consider because it will offer the group all the amenities they want without having to move here from location to location. A casino has options for gambling and dining and often includes nightclub areas for guys who want to party right into the morning. The fun and energetic vibe gets even the most reserved guy into the mood for a fun night.

Get competitive - Guys love to engage in a little friendly competition as part of a night out with their buddies. Anything from a round of billiards of darts to facing off in a poker tournament gets guy's competitive juices flowing and will set the stage for a night of healthy competition. Guys love trying to outdo their friends in whatever they do, so choosing an activity that stirs up a little competition is a great way to spend time together.

Watch the game - Whether guys are watching a baseball game from the stands or cheering on their favorite football team on TV at a local sports bar, many men are at their happiest when they can relax and watch the game, especially if they can do it with their friends in a fun and upbeat setting.

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